Sunday, March 21, 2010

Starting Blogging on MosBase

No Blog, no Twitter, no Facebook, just a business WebSite at and a humble profile on Xing. Till today that's all I've done for the "publicity" about my person on the Net.
There are two good reasons for that:

  • There is a lack of time for twittering, blogging or facebooking steadily about my person. (There may be a lack of interest also.)
  • In this regard I'm a little old-school:   My private things should stay private and therefore are only accessible in non-public areas on the Net.  

Nevertheless:  I'm a programmer and technical project-manager in professional life. Even in my spare-time I spend a significant time on exploring technical issues or interesting business ideas around the Internet.
So I decided some months ago to publish a kind of knowledge-base that collects some experience, tips, ideas and insides of mine. I had a specific idea and planned to write a software for this which possibly would become open source. And yes, MosBase should be the place for this.
But as time went by, my priorities changed:
First of all my lovely little son arrived.

As you expect certainly, a big part of my spare-time is now about him. In addition I currently develop a new version of, which will become a kind of "Videothek" (video-store) for my family. Sure, it's non public.

Second a nice idea for a new social-web-site popped into my head. I plan to start the realization at the end of this year. So hoping this website will see the light of day in 2011. In future more about this new project here .....

Thus I decided to make MosBase a classic Blog. This should replace my knowledge-base initially.